July 5, 2013

The 2013 Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates comes to a close: An awesome trip to Mainau Island to conclude an awesome trip of a lifetime

Young researchers and guests, Nobel Laureates and the media converged on Lindau Harbor at seven this morning. Our trip to Mainau Island would begin by boarding ship and setting sail. Jokes flew, “the only way to attend this meeting again is if you win the Nobel Prize!” While low on sleep, the sense that we participants were connected for life did not escape us. We smiled wide and thought deep; we’ve had incredible fun and we have made incredible connections. These past few days were an experience of a lifetime.

On Lake Constance, we soaked in the beauty of Swiss, Austrian, and German country. The scene seemed to smile back. Gelling our experience, we took pictures with new friends, chatted about new ideas, and gained new perspectives. The sun rose on our ship, as it rose on us.

Thank you for reading my blog. Thanks to Mars and Microsoft for helping fund my travel to the Lindau Meeting. Thanks to the Lindau Foundation for hosting me. Thanks to all my fellow young researchers for making this the experience of a lifetime. Thanks to Stony Brook University for providing substantial financial support for this meeting. And thanks to my advisor, Professor Carlos Simmerling, for being an awesome mentor and role-model.

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